Saturday, January 15, 2005

Let it snow!

It has snowed here twice this week. Today, we just got a dusting, but it was a good day to stay home and knit! For a girl from Virginia, where everything is at a standstill with the snow, twice in one week is a lot.

I am getting there on Anouk. I wish I could knit faster, but oh well. I think I am getting tennis elbow but I'm not sure why. My whole right arm aches. I think I am leaning on my elbow too much. And typing with my laptop doesn't help much.

Right now I am watching the Tsunami relief concert on TV, trying to stay warm and knitting away. I wish I had more exciting news to report. I need to find some good yarn to knit up something fun. Then I will have more to report. But for now, back to Anouk. Here is the front so far

And here is the scarf I made for my grandmother for christmas.
I think she liked it. I loved the Squiggle yarn that I used. It was a little tough to use, but it looks fun. Well, back to knitting.


Blogger Lauren said...

HI Kristin :) We finally got a little snow in Maryland, and I did a dance! More is expected this week!

Anouk is such a cute dress--love the colors you chose! Can't wait to see more!

Take care!

1/18/2005 10:32:00 AM  

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