Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am a bad blogger. I have not posted in over a week. But I have a good excuse -- kind of. But I have been knitting some. But work is keeping me too busy.

My book chapter is almost half way finished. Unfortunately, my half I haven't really started. And it is due on Tuesday. I think it will be a rather quick thing. I have written a fair amount in the last hour. I just need to sit down and do it. And my manuscript for the study I finished in June is coming close to being finished. And I have to present on that on next Thursday. So my three day weekend will be no party. I will probably spend it in my office, writing. Oh, the life of an academic physician. But I love it.

The job interviews are slowly tricklin in. I am going to be going all over the country to look for a job. I am anxious and scared, and have shed many a tear over this whole process. I am sure there will be more tears. I just wish I had someone to help me make this decision -- but that complaint is for another moment - and should be accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

Now for a little knitting. I received my first SP gift now almost 2 weeks ago. I was out of town when it arrived, but it was here waiting for me. Some beautiful sock yarn, some baby booty yarn, and some great treats from LUSH (she did some blog reading to find I fell in love with this place on my trip to Aspen). I have pictures -- and lots of other pics I want to post -- but I can't find the cord to connect my camera. So I will have to search through my unpacked vacation stuff. I know it is there. The sandsoap that I got is great, and I have some bath bombs that are waiting for a good lazy saturday to be used.

I also have been working on a great sweater. I am almost halfway up the back, which is good progress for me. I promise pictures to come. The body is all in seed stitch, which makes me wish I wasn't a thrower, but I can never get the tension right the other way. I think it would mean lots of frogging and in the end will be faster with the throwing.

Well, I better get back to my chapter. This quick post has turned into a book. If I only had such inspiration for preterm labor.


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