Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well, I just spent half an hour creating a post about my trip and then my computer crashed. I will try again tomorrow. I'm about to throw this thing in the trash!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Here is Anouk #2!

Friday night my friends had what they called an elephant party. We all brought things we didn't want anymore and went shopping from the other peoples stuff. I got a bunch of things, nice things, and all for free! And the bonus was I didn't think that I was going to be able to go. I really lucked out.

I have finally finished my second Anouk. But I can't decide if it needs pockets. I think it is colorful enough not to add the pockets. And maybe I'll just oversew the flowers onto the bottom without the pockets. Ashley thinks it looks good like it is.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So not much else in knitting news. I am still trying to decide what to take with me on my trip. I bought some Homespun to make a baby blanket. I think I may take that. I was going to use this pattern from the Lion Brand web site.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm going to California!

Next week, I am going to sunny California! I will be in Los Angeles for a conference. I'm excited to get away from here, and to get to some warmer weather. And I hope to have lots of time to knit! But what to take? I hope to finish Anouk this weekend. And I want to finish the French Market Bag. I have another baby gift to make, and I think I will make a blanket. She doesn't know what she is having. But I also want to start a sweater. And I have some sock yarn waiting to knit up. So I am perplexed. Any suggestions? I'll keep you posted about what I take with me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Secret Pal Strikes Again

I got home yesterday and I had two notices left for me. No, I had not defaulted on my mortgage, my home is still mine, but I had 2 packages to pick up. The first was something that I knew was coming from my dad. And it came UPS, which will never leave things outside the door. But the other was from the postal service, and they usually leave things. So I was interested to find out what it was. So this morning I decided to go to work late and go by the post office. And there was a little package from THE BEST SECRET PAL EVER!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There is a great smelling citrus cilantro candle, some Burt's Bees lip balm, and a great little book called Undress your Stress. It is a great book full of stress relievers. Boy do I need that.

I still have some to go on Anouk. I should work on it tonight instead of just sitting on my butt in front of the TV. I didn't get much done this weekend. I was too busy reading The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier. It is the same author of Girl with a Pearl Earring. I liked this book and it is the first non-medical book I have read in a while. It is a great book about family connections as the main character comes to realize where she should be in life. I have decided I need to read more. And I think that Lauren sums up the reason why in her post today.

Well, off to the Anouk and American Idol.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A quick update

Well, It has been an okay week so far. I thought I would have my Anouk finished, but it is close. I haven't picked it up in the last 2 days, but I hope to get lots done tonight. Work is keeping me busy and stressed out. But what else is new. I just wish my research would work out. I feel like I have been waiting forever to get started. But I must be patient. More later.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Anouk update

I have not been much in the mood to blog. I have been working, and I have had time to knit. I am halfway finished with Anouk. I have been busy trying to get it finished. Cause my friend who I am making it for went and had her baby 3 weeks before she was due. She and the baby are both doing fine. And I am making the 6 month size, so it won't fit yet. But I do want to get it finished.

I haven't really worked on anything else, but I figure I should make some goals for March. So here goes:
  1. Finish Anouk
  2. Finish French Market Bag
  3. Finish my mom's eros scarf.

I think those are fair goals. I would like to make a sweater for myself. But I need to figure out what I want to make. I feel like I have been working a lot. At least I have been on call a lot. Which is no fun. But it is what pays the bills, and buys more yarn. So I can't complain. More later -- and pictures of Anouk as soon as I finish.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Well, on the knitting front, during the Oscars I started to knit a scarf for my mom with Plymouth Eros Glitz. I knit one for my research mentor at Christmas. My mom saw it and really liked it. While she was here, we were supposed to go and pick out a color, but we didn't make it. So I went and picked out a color I thought she would like. I have already pulled it out once and may pull it out again. I decided to knit it biased. And then I forgot to increase and decrease. So I had to pull it out. Now I think I have made it too narrow, so I think I may pull it out again. I'll have to wait and see. I have been working some on my French Market Bag. I need to finish it so I can felt it. I am very excited about that. And I have started on my second Anouk. My friend is due March 23, so she could have the baby any day now. I'd like to get it to her before she delivers. I will post pictures later.

And I have decided to get on the meme bandwagon. Ashley, my sis, tagged me a few weeks ago and I didn't do it. I don't even remember what she tagged me with. But I decided to do the state thing, since she has it on her site today. We have been to a lot of the same places, but I think she has been to more. Helps when you have travelled for work. So here goes.

Bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...
Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /
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