Saturday, May 07, 2005

A bunch of nothing

Things are kind of slow in my world. I am in the middle of doing research, but the most crucial piece of equipment has not arrived. So I sit in my office everyday reading and working on some other things. But I have very little contact with anyone. Then I come home every night, and I love my cats, but there is no one to talk to there either. I am really getting run down. And then last night the folks that I work with went out, but they only invited certain people, and made it clear that no one else was invited. Are we still in high school? I thought as I became an adult, people would change, but I guess not. So I spent another Friday night alone with a glass of wine and my needles. Enough about my woes.

To the knitting content. I am almost finished with the shapely tank, and I will post some pictures when I'm finished. It is coming together well, I just have to finish up the back and seam it up. Probably a few hours work. I still haven't decided if I should seam the shoulders with the three needle bind off, or if I should bind off and then seam them up. I will figure it out when I get there. It is not too heavy, so I think the three needle will work.

I started to knit the retro rib sock with my new cotton sock yarn , but you can't really see the pattern because the yarn is so wavy. I think I will frog them, and just do a regular old non-patterned sock. My last sock was toe-up, so I found a pattern for a top down pattern that is changeable based on your foot size. I think I will try that one.

Lauren has given me some pointers on reading and knitting at the same time. I think I may give it a try, and try to get out from in front of the television for so long.

Well, I have to work today, but I wish I could be at the MS&W. I hope to get all the juicy details from all who are going. One of my attendings from residency goes every year. I know that she probably doesn't have a blog, but I think she is still knitting. She was kind of my inspiration to pick up my needles again. I think I better go, my LYS is having a sale and I want to go by there before I have to be at work.


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