Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I had a great week last week. One of the things that I have always been hesitant about is doing research. It is something that I don't like, mainly because I don't know what the heck I am doing. And bad research is worse than no research. So being able to take a course that tells me what it is all about was great. Now it will help me to decide what to do with my life when I am done with my fellowship. And Amelia Island was great. I was at Amelia Island Plantation. What a great place. It is over 1300 acres, and wooded. There were lots of beautiful places. And I walked every where. The beach was great. And the weather couldn't have been better -- 70-80's and little humidity. Mom and my sis came for the weekend and we had a great time just hanging out. It was great to be away.

I was able to do some knitting while I was gone. I have given up for now on the socks that have given me such trouble. I am too frustrated with them. But I finished the tank! And wore it while I was in Florida. I will take a pic when I have some light. I also swatched and casted on for Scoop It! From the spring Knitter's Magazine. I have a great blue color. I hope it goes quickly. I am anxious to knit a cardi, so I want to find a good one.

I am bummed that I was late to sign up for SP5. I sent an email to Rox today and I'll be on the back-up list. There may still be a chance I will be a part of it, but we'll see. Hope all you all out there in blog land are well.


Anonymous Madalyn said...

Sorry you missed the sign-up for SP5! At least it only runs 3 months, so hopefully sign-up for SP6 will happen soon.

6/01/2005 07:39:00 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Hey! I had lost your website address and then I found it again! Now you're on my bloglines list, though, so I can keep tabs. Glad you enjoyed Amelia Island. I've always wanted to go there and have heard it's beautiful.

6/03/2005 02:31:00 PM  

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